• Lagavulin 16 and Superman Unchained

    EP 1. Lagavulin 16 and Superman Unchained [PODCAST]

    In issue #1, our heroes embark on their epic quest to help you find the perfect whiskey and comic book pairings. This week, they pair Lagavulin 16, a true legendary malt from Lagavulin Distillery, with DC’s Superman Unchained. Listen in on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts, to learn how this whiskey and story come together to complement one another in a truly super way.

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    Tomatin 12 + Triumph & Torment

    The Whisky: Tomatin 12 Year Cask Type: Ex-bourbon and Spanish Sherry cask Strength: 43% Distillery: Tomatin Region: Highlands The Comic: Triumph & Torment Marvel Comics Author: Roger Stern Artist: Michael Mignola (pencils) Mark Badger (inker)  Genre: Superhero “Every year on Midsummer’s Eve, Victor von Doom clashes with the forces of evil in a vain attempt to free his mother’s soul from Hell. Only when Doctor Stephen Strange — Master of the Mystic Arts and Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme — is convinced to join the fight, does the outcome have any hope of changing.” The Whisky: Tomatin 12 The town of Tomatin is a small village in the Scottish Highlands, about 26…

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    Lagavulin 16 and Superman Unchained

    The Whisky: Lagavulin 16 year old  Cask Type: Ex-bourbon and sherry casks Strength: 43% Distillery: Lagavulin  Region: Islay    The Comic: Superman Unchained  DC Comics Author: Scott Snyder Artist: Jim Lee (pencils) Scott Williams (inker)  Colours: Alex Sinclaire and Jeromy Cox Letters: Sal Clipriano Genre: Superhero The Pairing Sometimes, deciding on our pairings is hard. This is not one of those times. The Lagavulin 16-year-old is in our humble opinion the gold standard of Islay whiskies. It has everything that we want in a peated whisky, peat smoke, iodine, sweet spices, great feel in the mouth, and a long satisfying finish of more smoke, more oak and spice, and some sweet…

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    Intro to Whiskey

    In this intro to whiskey, we’re going to walk you through each amazing whiskey producing region in the world, giving you the insights to help you figure out what you may like to drink. Anyone who has been to the whiskey aisle at your local liquor store knows that it can be rather intimidating. Rows upon rows of bottles and boxes with strange names you cannot pronounce, some have age statements telling you how old they are, others say things like ‘blended,’ or single grain, or double oak matured. On top of that, they can’t even agree on how to spell whiskey (USA, Ireland) / whisky (Scotland, Canada, Japan). Plus,…